Late Again, Dang

Well, I am late again. Oh well, is only 2:10, so not that bad.

I went with Jenn to Alpena today, to meet her parents and see where she grew up. We had a lot of fun, and I know her that little bit better now. Yesterday I worked for a while in the morning, then Jenn and I went grocery shopping and made some interesting food. She made a hash-brown casserole, and chinese vegetable & shrimp marinara. Friday I worked also, then went with Jenn to Ruby Tuesday’s and then to a batting cage.

I have began changing the website. I have pulled down the site and put up a new index page. The new site will look similar, as I work on it. I am really happy with the way its turning out, much better than previous.

Ok, thats all for now. New poll up, so vote, and comment.


Happy Memorial Day!

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