One Year!!!

Woohoo, I have a blog! I feel so special now, everyone else had a blog and I was feeling so left out. Now though, now I am somebody, now I am a Blogger!

Thats how it all started, 1 year ago today, at 2:21am. Now a year has passed, and I sit here writing my 130th post, with over 1320 visits to my site, and still have nothing useful to say.

I’ve moved from a web form on blogger, to using Kung-Log to post to blogger, to iblog on my .Mac account, and from a few pics hosted on .Mac to a full website.

A lot has changed in my life to, outside my blog. I’ve moved upstairs, finally gotten settled into grandma’s house, received an associates degree, applied for several jobs, gotten a wonderful girlfriend, and so much more.

Future changes I hope will include moving more from the website to the blog (notice there is now a stories category), moving back to a single counter, and adding a search. Also, I hope to move away from my “3 day rule” and become more spontaneous in my updates, posting whenever I feel the urge.

Outside the poll, I hope the next year will finally bring me back to GM, maybe another degree, and who knows what else.

What hasn’t happened? Well, v3b4 is still beta, and v3b5 will probably be around soon. It will surely be different, and will be based on my moving things from the website right into the blog.

OK, so the normal stuff…

Monday after the blog, I went to Jenn’s, as did I Tuesday and Wednesday, and will tonight. Tuesday was a rain day, but yesterday and today we worked. Tuesday night Jenn and I went to Van Oghtingham’s (I know that’s spelled wrong) for some flowers for her house, then Meijer and over here to make tacos. Last night she wasn’t home till 9:30, so we didn’t do much.

So that’s it, all I have done.

Mac users, 10.3.4 is out.

BC State park is flooded, so don’t expect to go camping this weekend.

Water, Juice and Tea bottles may have deposit soon.

And that is it for me tonight.

If you are leaving for Memorial Day weekend, have a safe trip and enjoy yourself, and Happy Memorial Day. If not, I will see you on Sunday with my 131st update, unless I get bored before then.


Proof old habits die hard: “Telephone Poles” haven’t carried telephone lines in several years. Most telephone lines are buried. Power Poles, or Cable Poles, would be a better choice. Actually, “Power Lines”, is bad too, since they really carry energy, power isn’t produced until we do something with that energy.

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