Another Day, Another Blog

Well, I decided I should update before going to Jenn’s tonight, so I don’t end up late again.

I kinda worked today. We mostly drove around to Dixie Cut Stone and to do a few bids. It’s something. Even if I worked for two minutes, it would be 2 more minutes than last week.

I’m watching “A Beautiful Mind”. I’ve wanted to see it for quite a while, but forgot it when at the video store. By the way, LOTR:ROTK comes out tomorrow, and I will be renting it as soon as I can get to a video store.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. He is now 50. There was no big hoopla though, at least not while I was there. Generally they wait and celebrate my dad and uncle’s birthday together, around Memorial Day.

I am really excited for WWDC at the end of next month. Preview of OS X 10.4 Tiger, probably a new G5 with fun specs like double sided DVD writer and dual 2.5Ghz or faster 970s, and more.

Today is the 24th, which means next update will be the anniversary. That means I need to do a shitload of work on the site in the next 3 days.

So what have I been up to…

Yesterday I went to Jenn’s, shopped at Meijer, and ate at the Texan. Saturday was Meijer also, along with taking the dogs for a walk. The dogs being our Molly and Brittany, a Collie/German Shepherd my grandma is watching. And on Friday was, uhm… Oh, an update, so I already told you. Haha!

I really couldn’t remember for a minute there.

OK, so that’s all then.

I WILL do a nice, big update on Thursday, for my anniversary. And vote, you scardy pants. I only got 2 on last poll and 1 on this.


Suspect is down.
Suspect is down… permanently.

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