Ok, So here's the story…

Has come to our attention you are posting late?
Hopefully you have a valid excuse

Well, yes, I do. I have a girlfriend. I have been spending pretty much every minute she has available with her, and loving it. I still however hold that so long as the post is made by 4am, it is considered to be on the previous day, as was the rule with blogger and KungLog. Yes, I have been much more timely with iblog, but it doesn’t mean the old rule no longer applies.

I can’t even remember all we have done over the last 3 days. Today we went to see if my paycheck was available, and it wasn’t. We then went to the Texan for dinner, Meijer, then watched Bad Boys 2 at her appt. Yesterday we went to Staples to get her check stub and see her boss about work stuff, shopping at the BC Mall, tennis at Carrol Park, and then dinner at her house. And Wednesday we went to Ridge Rd. park for tennis in the dark, which is why we had to attempt again Thursday.

I probably wont get a paycheck next week, unless the weather changes overnight. I haven’t gotten in 1 hour yet this week, and it’s supposed rain again tomorrow. I though it was supposed to be April showers?

Ok, I am very tired, so am going to bed. I promise a pre-midnight update on Monday.


You may be a King or a little street sweeper,
but sooner or later you’ll dance with the Reaper.

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