Humm Dee Dum

Lets see…

Sunday I mowed the lawn, and then went over to Jenn’s for a while. We went to the flea market and she got an end table, then we went to a few rummage sales. Then her roommate Sarah’s brother and his gf came over for dinner. Sarah makes a very good meatloaf, I must say.

Monday I got a haircut. Jenn had a bad day at work, and took Sarah and Sarah’s dog to the vet. Her dog Lucy has a tumor in her shoulder. Hopefully not the nasty C word. So I stayed home while Jenn tried to comfort Sarah some.

Today I went with mom to Redi-Med for an ear infection. I took Jenn to Catholic Federal to open an account, since TCF sucks, then to Grandpa Tony’s with Jenn and Sarah. After dinner Jenn and I went to State Park to play on the “Come Play by the Bay” thing. Not very good slides, but was still plenty to goof off on.

That brings me to now then.

I was playing with the website a bit yesterday, so it may have been down, sorry about that.

A few new pics may make their way up soon, we will see.

Ok, I am tired, and may or may not work tomorrow, so am heading to bed.



When it seems like nothing is going your way, and everything seems to be just wrong, just remember one thing:
It was like that when you got there.

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