I Hit the Car!

I hit the car, haha.

Ok, an explanation. On Freeland Rd., just off Bay, there is this driving range. Out about 150 yards, there is this 89ish Grand Am sitting out there. When I first saw it, I said “I have to hit the car.” Once we had our balls and were out there, I noticed a sign saying if you hit the car, you could win a club. So, I tried and tried, and eventually, I did it. Bounced right off the hood. As we left, I let the guy know and he signed me up for the drawing, so come September, I might win a golf club.

BTW, golf is a weird sport, with the shafts and the balls and all.

What else…

Monty Python was awesome. Was great to see on big screen for once. Scott and I are going this coming Saturday for Bubba Hotep, starring the dude from Army of Darkness.

Also, note the new poll.


I think that’s about it.

Sorry so short, but I haven’t really done alot.

Till Thursday,

If I had a nickle for every e-mail I get,
I would throw them at people.

One thought on “I Hit the Car!

  1. Scott says:

    he is called Bruce Campbell… I have his autobiography. If you want to borrow it, just ask. It is called “If chins could Kill”.
    Also, “Usual Suspects” probably would be my favorite movie.

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