I went WarDriving!

I drove around for like an hour today WarDriving. For those who don’t know, it means I was driving around with my laptop looking for WiFi networks that I can connect to. I found a whole heaping load of them, especially along 4th and 5th streets, where the older buildings prevent easily pulling wire. Now i really want a GPS though, so I can record the networks and their location, for future reference. I can build a WiFi coverage map of the city for all you to use. I just need $89 for the GPS though.

Evil Sarah says I can’t vote in my own polls I see. The very nice Scott says I can though. Hopefully a few more of you will vote too.

Iron Chef America is all over now, though it is replaying all week. Results are as follows:

Flay over Sakai – Trout
Batali over Morimoto – Spiny Lobster
Puck over Morimoto – Eggs
Flay and Morimoto over Batali and Sakai – Sea Urchin, Scallops, and Langoustine

All 4 were against my judgment, except the Batali Morimoto. All in all though, I guess Flay was winningiest with 2 wins, followed by Batali, Puck, and Morimoto in a tie with 1 each, then followed by Sakai with 0. So the winners of the poll contest are Erica and Stacey, who both voted Morimoto. I would have voted probably Sakai (who should have been 2-0, not 0-2) or Batali. I still can’t freaking believe that Sakai lost a fish battle, or even lost at all. And that Sakai and Batali lost the Tag team is bull.


Tomorrow I have HTML, Thursday will be JS and Networking, then I am free! Yeay, 2 days off. Ok, not so impressive. Will give me more hours to work so I can afford a GPS though.

Hmmm, what else…

Oh, Monthy Python and the Holy Grail, this Saturday at 11pm at Fashion Square. I know Scott is going, and hope more of you can too. Let me know, ok?

I guess that is all.

Will see you all Friday to let you know how last week of school went.


You don’t need to be right all the time, just enough of the majority that people THINK you are.

One thought on “I went WarDriving!

  1. Scott says:

    You should record the finalization of the polls on the blog after you take it down, so it will be known forever.
    (not just the winners, but like, 3 voted for this, and 2 for this… or do percents.

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