Well, after working yesterday and today, I am rather sore and tired. Though, I guess I am lucky. Suchyta was going to work with us yesterday, and about 30 minutes in he crushed his finger between the dump box we were putting on the truck and the hoist we were lifting it with. He broke it open and fractured the bone, needing 5 stitches. I’m sure it hurts like hell too.

I didn’t manage to get a bike ride in this week due to either poor weather, being at work, or lack of motivation. Next week I guess.

Down to the last week of class now. I have homework for my 2 f2f classes, and a test for my inet class. So very close, I am glad.

Iron Chef America started last night. The first episode was an intro, and the second was Flay v. Sakai in the trout battle. Amazingly, Flay(now 2 and 1) won, bringing Sakai’s(70-16-1) first even loss in a fish battle. That battle just replayed, and on now is Batali(0-0) v. Morimoto(16-7-1) in the Spiny Lobster battle. Tomorrow will be a repeat of the 3 past battles, followed by Morimoto v. Puck, then the 2 on 2 finale. From what I’ve seen, other secret ingredients may include sea urchins, tuna, and scallops. Also, Alton Brown’s role seems to be as the commentator, and the new chairman is none other than the nephew of Kaga himself.

Still no work on the site. I hope to move all my school projects from Delta’s server to my own site after school is over, and finally recompile my Java Applets.

Ok, I guess that’s it.
See you Tuesday.


Cheating just proves how much you care about winning.
– Red Green

One thought on “Owwwww

  1. Scott says:

    According to the show, Sakai’s record was not 70-16-1… it was something like… 86-8… or something like that.

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