Hot? In April?

The hell is this shit?

Yes, I asked for warmer, but I just wanted warmer than 30s and 40s, not the freaking 80s already. Can we get a 70 – 75 with no wind maybe?

Apple released a heap of new software today, but no hardware. Most are still expecting new iBooks and PowerBooks tomorrow. We will see.

I passed 1100 today. I am giving the title to Erica, although she was 1101. Some stupid googlers got 1099 and 1100, so she was closest. I shouldn’t though, since she doesn’t talk to me anymore :-P.

I went to Zabro’s and to see “the Punisher” yesterday with my brother. Very awesome movie. Also, why did nobody tell me how much better GKC is than Goodrich? I still want to see HellBoy, JerseyGirl, and Holy Grail will be there at the end of the month too. If anyone is interested, PLEASE let me know. I hate seeing movies alone.

I rode most of the rail-trail with my mom on Friday night. Was like 7.5 miles round trip, so 2 under. As was with the movies, if anyone would like to go with me, let me know. I am available pretty much 24 – 7 since I have no life, unlike all of you.

I worked Friday too. I was all yellow from the pre-emergent we put down. I still have a few yellow spots I either miss or just can’t get off yet.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. I haven’t heard from some of you in a few days, but see you checking the blog. I wish you would let me know what’s going on, either an IM or a comment, something.

Ok, toodles.


I think, therefore I am
Probably true
I am, therefore I think
Not necessarily

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