Untitled, Because I Can't Think of One Right Now


I was really looking forward to this blog, but now I am really tired, so I am not any more.

I downloaded Civilization III, and have been playing it a little too much, so haven’t slept as well as I should be. Last night I saw Gods and Generals at the State, so that had me up late too. Tomorrow I am supposed to work with my mom, so not sleeping in at all. I will deal though, what choice do I have?

New poll up, PLEASE VOTE. Sakai and Morimoto tied the last one. Will see who was right in a week or so.

I went for a bike ride today. Did the whole rail-trail loop for 9.5ish miles. I think that may be adding to the tired. Sadly, I went alone because nobody will ride with me right now. Oh well, solo rides give me a chance to think and such, so not all bad, just kinda lonely.


We did XML in my website class, and its really cool. I wish I could do my site in XML, but most browsers have lousy support for it. Speaking of the site, I haven’t done anything with it in a while. Either busy or not up to it. I will have another fairly big update soon though, maybe after school lets out?

Ahh, school. Just 2 more weeks, so nice. And it’s been nice out lately too. Was mid 60s today. Supposedly might brake 70 tomorrow, but chance of rain, And not even a thunderstorm, just rain. Too bad.

What else is new…?

I was right about the Stacey thing, was a friend of Suchyta’s that thought was his blog. She tried to delete the posts but couldn’t. Funny, because if I had known, I can delete comments, but didn’t so made a big deal out of it. Haha!

Apple released a new eMac on Tuesday. It seemed like just a speed bump, until today when i realized it has an 8x DVD-R drive. Now, eMacs are $999 and have an 8x drive, but the $2999 G5 only has a 4x. All the rumor sites are wondering if new G5s are coming soon, and this answers it to me. If Apple was just going to switch to an 8x SuperDrive, they would have done so before the eMac got it. That they didn’t though, means they must be waiting to release something more. And with the NAB conference next week, it seems like a good time for it. Probably an update to iMacs too, as they are a higher end unit than the eMac is. Could they be going G5 soon? We will need to wait and see.

Ok, I think thats enough. I guess will see you all back here Sunday.


When the inventor of the drawing board messed things up…what did he go back to?

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