Ok, so I have to start out with these recent comments:

You know you’ve hit a new level of low when you start putting names into dogpile.

Add Chen to that poll!
Stacey | 04.12.04 – 10:48 pm |


What’s even better is when you realize it’s not a friends blog but a foaf
Stacey | 04.12.04 – 10:52 pm |

Ok, what?

Well, I guess I can answer part of this.

1) It seems whoever this is, they were referred in via a dogpile search for “nick+suchyta”, so thet would answer the dogpile think and maybe Suchyta will know who they are.

2) No Chen. He is not in the Tournament of Masters (sadly, I think he should be too) because he was last on IC like 5 years ago, and was pretty old then. The poll pertains only to those chefs in the Tournament of Masters, which will be on Food Network on the 27th-ish.

3) foaf? thats friend of a friend, right? Yeah, OK, so Stacy is Suchyta’s friend. Ok, problem solved then.

I guess if Stacy comes back, or maybe Suchyta can, a comment verifying this would be appreciated.


I wrote a big blog at like 2:13 this morning (not afternoon, morning) but erased it because it was all funky. So, I need to write another one, but the mysterious “Stacy” helped me with a good chunk of stuff.

I have another nasty wisdom tooth headache right now, and i am having trouble seeing straight. This is one of the fun ones that makes my eyes hurt. This is not very nice of my teeth. I try giving them somewhere to live, and they go and trash the place. One day though, one day I will kick their asses out.

Yeah, anyway…

So, I think I am going to end up sticking with 3 blogs per poll. I have anyway, so why not. I picked up 3 new votes today, so I see no reason to pull it. I believe it is a tie between Morimoto and Sakai with 2 each right now, so if you feel it should be otherwise, THEN VOTE. Maybe when we know who wins in 2 weeks, I will be nice and reward whoever’s vote was correct? Probably not, but who knows, I have done stranger things.


I have had a bunch of stuff on my mind lately, and that’s actually what the first blog early this morning was all about. I think it should stay in my head for now though, until lI get it sorted out a bit more.

And finally…
I asked you all a little bit ago if you would comment more, so you did, and I appreciate it. BUT you stopped then. You only commented the once. Really people, you need to keep it up, I like reading comments, even when it’s from people that I have no clue who are.

I guess thats it. I want to go to bed, because my head hurts, so you all have to go away now. New poll and blog on Thursday (maybe, I don’t want to say right now). Also, supposed to be getting pretty warm toward this weekend, so I will probably be trying to get some bike riding in. If anyone else wants to, you should let me know (hint hint).


Avoid cliches like the plague.

3 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Sarah says:

    About the leaving comments thing… I was going to start commenting before when you mentioned it, but then a butt load of people started to, so I said screw it. Anyhow, I may post more comments in the future (maybe), but don’t get too excited. (Oh, and by the way… lyrics are good away messages)

  2. Sarah says:

    Just an FYI – the posting time for that comment is off… I posted at 12:35, not 1:35. Not sure if it matters at all though

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