Number 109

Well, to begin with I would like to point out the new poll. I was supposed to change it last time, but no, I was lazy. For more info on this poll, see FoodTVs Iron Chef America page.

Since the last update was so tiny, here are some details that were skipped from the weekend. Uhm, I didn’t really do anything last weekend. Oh, I went to Todd’s bon fire Saturday night? I think so. Yeah, my brother and I went, then drove around for a bit. The Beatles sound weird with a loud system. Also, last night I installed our new dishwasher and tonight or tomorrow our new over-the-range microwave.

Erica still has no bike, and is sick now. When she agreed to go riding with me I got all excited not realizing that the weather would still be crummy for another 2 months afterward. So now, I am being tortured by evil mother nature and her lack of cargo area.

School is still going, and going, and going, and never ends. What is this, week 11 now? 12, this is 12 we started yesterday, only 3 more then. Yeay!

I have been reading the Devil’s Panties and Something Positive , as recommended by Erica. I started from the beginning and am working forward. I have the Devil’s Panties done, and am in like August 2003 of Something Positive.

Blogging is hard, because sometimes I want to say something, thinking this is a journal or such, but then remember other people read. It’s hard to remember who reads this and that in theory, anybody could. Too many people forget that if it goes online, anybody could read it, and to watch what you say. I have been pretty good though, and have only had 2 embarrassing moments where I talked about someone and they later read it.

I am at 989 visitors right now, we will see who becomes lucky 1000. Granted thats not really 1000, since people like Scott and Suchyta and Jason probably have 200+ each, but still. Heck, even the 2 months between me starting the blog and getting a counter. Anyway, I figure 1000 by Friday.

So, I think that’s it.

See you all on Friday, hopefully with the name of my 1000th (better not be some googler).


You, cut my water!
I can’t sir, it’s liquid.
Well then go freeze it, cut it up, and bring it back to me cut, damn it!

5 thoughts on “Number 109

  1. Scott says:

    A few things…
    You are sleeping? it is only 1:11am?!?!?!
    Your Bravnet counter says “counter Temporarily Offline,” which sucks cause this was going to be the first time i actually paid attention to see what number visitor I was…
    You forgot to mention in your blog that Alton Brown was on the Bio page for Iron Chef… unless you didnt know that at the time you posted this… and in that case, I just said it. (although I doubt many will read this long comment)…
    Last thought, In Living Color DVD Season 1 is out… YAY… about time dammit!

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