Not alot of time, and I don’t have much to say anyway, so this will be fairly short. After Wednesdays super long post, I guess thats fitting.

I had the 950th visitor today, was my mom. Congratulations.

My computer has been up 11 days, and is kinda showing. I need RAM, bottom line.

I decided I will be taking my bike to Rays in Midland. Yeah, I need to drive there and back, then repeat a day or 2 later, but they know what their doing, so that puts them above the rest.

Erica doesn’t have her bike yet, at least not that I know of. Also, she broke her streak at 10 posts. She is at 199 posts right now.

I watched “Roxie Hart” at the State Thursday. I do not really recommend it.

School is slowly approaching the end, and I can’t wait. Not so much because I will be out of school, but because I know it will be warm then.

Ok, thats all I have,


When in doubt, at least act like you know what you’re talking about.

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