Is it Spring Yet?

Well hello to you all. It is 57˚ out there right now. That would be nice, except there is a 15 mph wind that is making it feel a good bit cooler. I want to get some good bike riding in, bad. My friend Erica, whom I have never met, is supposed to be getting a new bike this week. It is waiting at Wal*Mart for her to pick up. She said she would ride with me sometime, so I am kinda excited. Is always better to bike with someone.

I went to see “Taking Lives” with Cassie on Friday night, then we went out to eat. It was nice to see her again after a week. You people need to learn not to get sick, because it is no fun. Stupid germs.

Anyway, you will notice I have 2 counters now, and they have different numbers. I figured out why SiteMeter was acting up, and it is now under control. So, for a short period, I will have two counters. After that though, the Bravenet counter and poll will go away, I will get a new poll, and will get a search page. I figure a new poll every 3rd blog, that will give all plenty of time to vote.

For some reason some of you are having weirdnesses occur with the blog’s sidebar. If you have it, no matter who you are, please comment to me about the problem. I want to know who is seeing it so I can figure out what the cause is. Scott and Sarah, you don’t need to since I know you both have it.

Apple is planning something, but in true Apple fashion they are being very quiet. It has been suggested that anything from no updates until Septemberish, to a full product line replacement in a few weeks. The rumor sites are befuddled and I don’t know whats going on either. (yes, befuddled is a word, and that is the correct spelling).

I am up to 6 free itunes songs. I was at like 0 of 9, the got 1 on a 1 liter, another loser, then a second from 1 or 2 more 1 liters for 2 in 13. Then though, we went to 7-11 and one 3 out of 3. Night before last I got another on a 20 oz, so am suddenly at 6 of 17, which simplifies to BETTER than the estimated 1 in 3. The bad news though: Wednesday is supposed to be the end. I’m sure they will remain in circulation for a few weeks though, and winners can be redeemed until 4-30.

What else…

That might be it.


Ooh, here are some updates on stuff I mentioned in the past, but never updated on:

Book: No, I actually haven’t read since Christmas break.
Room: Yes, I did clean it, but it’s dirty again.
eBay: Nick listed some, but has been busy lately. Should be more up soon.
LOTR: No, I never did see it. Will be on DVD mid may.
Bike: No, I did not take it in for a tune-up. Unless something really funkinizes, I probably wont.

I think thats most of it.

Funkinizes, thats funny.

Ok, see you all Wednesday then.


Actual error from a message board:

“Sorry, this member has deleted their profile. You can only reply to members who have non-deleted profiles.”

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