Stupid Counter

My visitor counter is being gay. For some reason it decided not to count last week. I mean, it did count during last week, it just went back again at the end of the week. Also, I noticed it hadn’t been counting a few weeks ago either. By my best estimate, I am 25 down right now. I will get them back next week if it doesn’t fix on own. And if it does it again, I am switching to one that works.

Cassie was over last night, we watched a re-run of er, I made her some scrambled eggs, and then we watched more TV. It was a lot more fun than it sounds though.

I had to go to school today, because school is an evil life sucking doodoo head. My networking class meets twice over the semester, and yesterday was the first. I got to install DOS, install NetWare 5.5 Server, then on a different computer install Windows XP and NetWare Client. Wow, so freaking difficult. It took 2 hours because installing is gay. I definitely could have done without it.

I finally won a free song. That means the actual odds of me winning are 1 in 17. Of course the advertised odds are 1 in 3, but thats just not true. If you remember your statistics, you really shouldn’t reduce odds, so the official odds are 100,000,000 in 300,000,000. So I guess I lucked out.

What else…

I know where Genji is now. Is on Bay, just past some other street (the second one after Titti, is Shust, then the one I dont remember, and thats it), on left (if coming from Bay City). They finally show up on MapQuest now, I didn’t go looking around bay and Tittabawassee or anything.

OK, I think I am done now, since I can’t think of anything else to write about.

See you Monday.


“Computers crash and they all fall down…”
– megadeth

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