I Did Stuff Again

I goofed on my timeline last time. It was Thursday I went to friends for movie, Friday I went to the BC mall for a bit and BLOGGED, I have so little sense of time.

I finally figured out who had the 2000th page view. It was Sarah, Scott’s gf. That was back on February 24th by the way, around 1:15 am.

I have been doing more on website again. I enlarged the sidebar font size under Scott’s advice and added a lot more stuff. All the stories are now up, as well as most of the “about” section and the blog stuff, and I added links to the blog quotes by month to find them easier. Also, the headings for each side category are now links to the categories main page. AND, I added links at the bottom of almost every page to go back to its main category, or to the main homepage. If you want to see something changed, please let me know. The site is for you to read, so I want you to like it. Also, if you want a pic of anything posted on it (of you, or your pet, or just something cool) send it to me and I would be glad to add it. I need more pics now due to the different layout.

Since I complained about Genji not being open in Saginaw yet, they finally opened. I saw the commercial displaying “Saginaw location Now Open” the day after I complained, but kept forgetting to mention it.

Cassie came over again Tuesday night. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean. She’s so much fun. How did I live 21 and a half years without her?

So, Cassie will be here in a few minutes for Ferris Bueler, so I’ve got to go.


“This is totally non non, non non, NON, non heinous!”

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