Let’s see.

I always think of stuff after a blog that should have gone in, but by the next time I forget it. And I know I forgot something.

So anyway, after the last blog I watched some TV and then went to see a friend at SVSU. We watched Scary Movie 2, which was good, but not great.

Saturday I sat around most of the day, then went with Cassie to see Eurotrip. It was good. Funny, a lot more nudity than expected, and not always the right kind <shiver>.

Sunday I cleaned my room. Not like last time when I just tried. No, thins was an all-day don’t stop till its done thing. It is really nice now. I can’t wait till these cloths racks can go in the attic though, even more room, yeah! So after that, Cassie came over and we watched the Academy Awards. As much as the oscar ceremony sucks, she made them fun. So we hung out for a while afterward and then went home (well, she did, I was home).

So that was my weekend. I thought of posting yesterday, because how often do I get to blog on leap-day, but decided against it. It would throw whole schedule off or something.

I guess thats it then. No real work on the website. I need to do some homework tonight and tomorrow, but nothing big. Will try watching Ferris Bueler’s Day Off tonight, since SOMEBODY interrupted me (kidding).

Spring break next week, woohoo, 2 days less school!

Ok, it’s nice out, go do something fun.


Bill: Dude, I’ve got a full on robot chubby.
Ted: Later Bill, later.

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