So Tired

I guess that 4 is just too late for me. I need to stop staying up to watch This Old House. It’s on at 9, but I always miss it.

Today was Grandma’s 72nd birthday. 1932, wow.

I have been working at version 3 more. The website now has a link to Ver. 3 beta 4 if you want to peek.

Speaking of the site, I reached my 800th visitor yesterday (Feb 26th) at 4:16 pm. The super-special winner is Cassandra…, uhm…, well just Cassie for now. She will receive a yet-to-be-decided gift, as soon as I figure out what it is.

I have an interview with the DNR for a summer position at state park on March 11th. I hope I get it, I can’t work with my mom forever, not good for either of us.

Other than that, school is going well and spring break is week after next. I guess it isn’t that big of a deal though, since I only have class on 2 days anyway.

Well, I am off to watch the remainder of The Great American Celebrity Spelling Bee, followed by maybe a movie.


“You’re not strong, your silky boys!
Silk comes from the butts of chinese worms!”

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