I Finally Did Stuff!

Scott and I met Jim at HCB Friday. He was exactly the same. He is leaving for the Navy, tomorrow I believe. He will be a semen, err seaman.

My movies came in today. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, and UHF. I haven’t watched any yet, but will soon.

What else…

I got the money for my stuff on eBay, hopefully Nick gets some more of it up next week.

I found out my 21 days of uptime is squat. Check out these servers. Those are in days. The current leader has been up for 1741 days, or about 4.77 years. Thats insane.

I have decided we need federal guidelines for timing. There needs to be a definition of “soon”. Genji Steakhouse claimed in August that a Saginaw location was “coming soon”. They still claim the same thing. If it was “soon” six months ago, then it could be another six months from now. And even six more months from then. We need regulations that state how long “soon” is, to keep this kind of thing from happening.

Ok, thats enough. I don’t really feel like writing this anyway, I just do it for my peeps.


Ok, I’m going to watch my movies, see you all Tuesday.


Lobotomy: when a lobotist uses a lobotom to otomize your lob.

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