Well, I have a webcam now, but it doesn’t work. I can’t find a mac driver for it, just 98 and 2k. Since I didn’t pay for it, and the person doesn’t want it back, I will either give away, or trade for one that will work on a mac.

I was very lazy this weekend, and I liked it. I need to do something productive though soon. I need a life.

My taxes still aren’t back, and still no fin aid. I need to ask delta what’s up this week.

I think I updated website again, but not sure. I know some links were wrong that I fixed, but don’t know if anything major. I did start work on the new look though, but I’m not liking what it’s like so will need to tweak. I figure by blog’s anniversary (May 27th, yes its far off), I will have new site up. Ohh, I updated quotes, thats it.

Other than that, not much. It’s sad really, I judge the usefulness of my life based on how much I write in blog, and blogs have been very short. Not good.

Ok, will need to do something to make Wednesday’s update worthwhile. See you all then


“Would not a rose by any other name smell just as sweet?”
“Well, if you called it steaming horse pile, no, it wouldn’t”

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