Visual Update

You may notice that the look of the blog has changed. Being that I never see the published blog, I didn’t really realize how hard it was to see the gold links in black text, and I felt it needed an update anyway, so here you go. The links are now blue, visited links crimson, and the blue in the header is a deeper shade. Also, the entries are now outlined, so it is easier to see them in the lists.

I bought a Big Gulp at 7-11 today, but didn’t win a song. Bummer.

In JS class today I swapped our broken Apple Pro Optical Mouse for a new working one. It is white too. Delta has an extended service plan, so gets a new one free. Stupid apple making crappy mouses.

I have listed my blog on and my view count is way up. Sunday is my monthly view survey. It looked like Jan – Feb was going to be just a hair up from Dec – Jan, as most of you were less frequent in viewing over Christmas. Now though, I don’t know. I was estimating around 710 for Sunday, but I am already over 720.

Also, just want to mention that I removed my school files, and linked right to my site on Delta’s server. It is easier to keep everything updated that way.

Ok, I don’t have much else. I guess I will see you all Sunday.


Surely you must be kidding?
No, and don’t call me Shirley.

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