Number 90

Wow, 90 posts. Wednesday March 10th will be 100. Thats a lot of posts, huh?

I have decided 6 credits is too little. I have way too much time, and not enough to do with it. I either need more credits or a job. GM, Where are you…?

Scott Michael Helber was the 700th visitor to the website (see I know his middle name now).

I played with the site structure finally. It looks the same, but is just better organized. For example what used to be in now The same goes with the stories all being at /stories/, blog stuff at /blog/, and miscellaneous stuff at /misc/. I have added a /school/ section, but it isn’t fully up yet. I still need to recompile the java applets form source code and add Adv. Web and JS as I work on them. By the way, I have dubbed this update v. 2.5.

Other than that, not much new here. I will be spending some time fixing links in old blogs eventually, since they are all broken now. Speaking of broken, the Broken says they will have a new episode by month end.

I filed my taxes, I am supposed to be doing my brothers, and will do my FAFSA as soon as my mom’s taxes are done.

Ok, that’s all I have for now, enjoy your week.

Ooh, and new SB was posted today!


“Now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb”

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