Who is 700?

Who will be the 700th visitor? I don’t know. I have been waiting since Tuesday, but nobody came. Well, soon we will know. Speaking of which, I have re-enabled guest access to the counter, so you can peek through all my visits, or at least the past 50 or so (I think it’s 50).

I have decided that we are too trusting. We take far too much on faith. Like, the calendar. I understand the whole days thing, since there is a definite start and end, as we point toward or away from the sun (or a specific constellation in the case of the astronomical calendar). But the year is different. What are we pointing at on Jan 1st? A good way of defining a year would be to base it on the date we are pointing toward the center of the galaxy. When we next face that point, it has been a year. Now yes, a year is the time of one revolution around the sun, but that only provides a basis of time passed, but no basis for a start and end. I just don’t like the whole way this is set up, I don’t know.

Still no 700. Where are you people?

It doesn’t matter. I am leaving. My mom wants to go get shoes or something.


If you meet someone online, and fall in love,
then when you finally meet, is it still love at first sight?

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