U^^pa lu^^pa


I am in a good mood right now, but I can’t say why yet. I hope I will be able to, in about a week maybe. We will see, or I will see anyway.

I had a “girl” try to cyber with me Sunday night. Was very funny. I went along with it for a while, but she is blocked now. Notice how I said “girl”, and not girl…

I have to go to class tomorrow, which is stupid. I should have taken 210 online, thats all this really is. We walk in and she says “Go to http://www.delta.edu/flpeters and read your assignment, email me when it’s complete.” Wait, what? No explanations? No lecturing? Why am I here? It’s stupid.

I filled in my address book on the ibook. Now on buddy list it’s all formal looking. It’s all “Nicholas James Suchyta” and “Jason David Julian” and, well, I don’t know Scottiews middle name. I do know that his name is not Scotthiew, and that he finds it at least semi-annoying, which is funny.

I wish GM would start hiring. I need $$, and they have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. So the way I see it, we would go well together. Seriously though, I need a direction or something, and that would definitely give me one.

Nick has listed some of my stuff on ebay for me, I am very thankful. My PowerBook, Palm, and USB card are up now, more to come as these sell. Future listings include, well, there are alot of them, we will see.

Ok, that’s enough for now. More will come on Friday. Have fun, don’t die.


Life sucks, but death doesn’t put out at all.
(sorry nick)

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