Hello all. It is about 4, and I am bored, so I am writing my update now.

Let’s see….

Well, I have done nothing since Wednesday, other than go to my JS class. Barb and her kids, my mom, and I went to Hooters at 6 afterward. Other than that though, just spent some time online playing around.

I guess I could work on the website some more, after the blog. I really need a life if I am going to do HTML for “fun”. Of course, we all knew I need a life anyway, didn’t we?

Molly keeps sleeping with me. Crazy dog. She wont sleep straight, she needs to be curled up with her chin resting on her hind legs. Takes up alot more room. Is weird.

Scott is outside plowing the street. He has scraped up alot, no idea where he is going to push it all. We will see.

My mom went for orientation for Addeco, to work at SC Johnson. Just waiting for drug test to come back, so shouldn’t be too long.

Snow was put on sidewalk at the corner, and across street in neighbors yard. They don’t have a sidewalk, so is ok.

What else…

Doobie, doobie do…
Do doobie doobie…


Well, I am fairly sure there was more, but I can’t think of any of it.

Apple hasn’t released anything since MacWorld. The Mac’s 20th was on the 24th, and nothing, several Tuesdays, and nothing. The supposed G5 update on the 28th has come and gone. I don’t
know what’s going on there. Only real news is Virginia Tech is upgrading there 1100 G5 PowerMacs with G5 XServes, supposedly at 2.4GHz, faster than what Apple is selling currently. That will be one royally kick-ass cluster.

Ok, I am going to go look for something productive to do. If I don’t my life may drop below that “meaningful” line that I would prefer to stay above.

See you all later,


“The hunger monkey is humping my leg.”

One thought on “Bored

  1. Scott says:

    Wow, I am the only one to comment on your posts. Does that make me the lonely geek for being the only one? Or are you the lonely geek for posting regularly while only one (or the occasional two) posts comments.
    Yeah, I need to find something meaningful too.
    Oh, while I am thinking of it… It is either me, or your blog doesnt update correctly. Cause I swear that I will check this page one day, with no new posts, then the next day you will have two new posts… isnt that odd?
    HAHAHAHA, I just noticed, this is like my online journel. Except I am too lazy to create one, so I just do it vicariuosly through yours in the comment section.

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