Yeah, it's kinda like that…

Hi! Sorry about the shittyness that was the last post, but anyway, get over it.

How about this weather, huh?

Wow, wait, holy crap! I sent my JS homework out at 6:16, now, 6:23, I received confirmation and grade (20/20, thank you very much). Why can’t all grading be that fast. I am impressed Redman, I really am.

Anyway, the weather, yeah. What did we get, like a foot total? Every school in the freaking state was closed today, except Delta. We got a delay until 10, but my class isn’t until 12, so that did squat for me. And they were closed all of yesterday, but I only have class Wednesday and Thursday, so more squat. Bastards. At least they didn’t cancel while I was on the way there, like my freshman year. Was open at 7:20 when I left home, closed by 7:45 when I got there. That sucked ass.

I will be adding all my Delta assignments in a special section on the page here. Well, not ALL, but the ones I deem fit. HTML, Adv. HTML, java applets from my Java class, and all the JSs from Java Script. I won’t bother with the C++ or Java Applications, as they are big files, and all the C++ is Windows. Beside, I through them away, and only have source files now. I will already need to re-complile the applets.

Also, I will be adding to/editing the links page to include all the places I ever linked to from blog, and some more places that are just cool.

Anyway, what else…

Pepsi/itunes Super Bowl commercial is online here. Be warned though, it is popular and often comes up busy.

OK, thats an improvement over last weeks anyway. Have fun till Saturday.


So godawful that it ruptured the very fabric of space and time with the sheer overpowering force of its mediocrity.

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