Hi all. Ever wonder why diner is a place, and dinner is a meal, but dessert is a place and desert is a meal? Thats weird, damn english. Would be different if I did it. None of this “phone”, “of”, or “queen”. No, in MY english, they would be “fone”, “ov” and “cueen”. I see no need for the “ph”, or the “q”. The first is easily replaced with a simple “f”, and the second with “kw” or “cu”. Besides, what good is “q”? It is the only letter dependent on another, “u”. Why not just incorporate that a “u” will follow, and drop it?

School is going fine, only 13 more weeks of it, woohoo! Then it will be nice out and I can bike, double woohoo!

I am still cleaning my room more. Is just clutter I need to move around and sort. Nothing too bad.

I might re-structure the website, and make more additions. If I do, it would screw with links from the blog though, so I would need to go through and correct the broken links. Will see.

Whooh! Three people just signed off at the same time, made a weird sound. Strange.

What else…

Ohh, To answer Scott’s question, No. He posted a comment to the last blog asking if Apple would have a Super Bowl commercial, and they will not. They will however be featured in Pepsi’s, as Pepsi is starting a deal to give away 100,000,000 songs from the itunes music store. I would like to say now that if any of you receive a winning bottle cap and decide you don’t want to download and install itunes for a free song you could just get from kazaa, I will gladly take your caps. The promotion runs from Feb. 1st to to March 31st.

Since nobody ever commented on Bionica, I will be writing a second one anyway. The first one was bad mostly because of all the introduction crap, and I think I can do better on the next one. We will see. I am also going to edit my quick story from a few weeks ago and put it in short stories on the site.

Ok, thats all for tonight, go home.


Life is like a box of chocolates,
Sometimes it’s a wonderful gift,
and sometimes there full of laxatives and turn everything shitty.

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