Pre Intro to Sp. Ed.

Wow, I came a bit too close. It’s like 11:47, and I am just starting this post.

My ibook is still running, barely. OS X is a very stable OS, just not an 18 day uptime OS. Just the same, I am leaving it going for a 21 day record, so will restart on day of next post (Monday).

Yesterday was 15th, and that means I should be at 800 hits, but I was at a mere 650. I am glad that the “i” to “*” swap worked out.

First week of classes went well. Advanced HTML may be a pain, and Network Essentials more so. JavaScript though, will be good. A) It’s in the G4 lab, so I get to use a QS 933-60GB-1GB-SuperDrive, which is nice, and B) The teacher is also the DifEq/Linear Alg prof, so is a freaking genius, though he seams to have a bit of trouble expressing his thoughts, or something.

I went to Pinconning with Scott last night, to see Jim. Jim will be a seaman soon, so we wanted to see him, but he wasn’t working at Sunoco like he should have been.

Ok, thats all the time I have, will aim for more on Monday. Probably wont use computer much till then, since it’s being so slow.


Remember when we were young and nieve, and thought bastard was actually bass-turd, yeah…

One thought on “Pre Intro to Sp. Ed.

  1. Scott says:

    nice quote…. hhaaa… Damn Jim… Next time I am home and have a free night I will call first… maybe… then we can go again, should be fun. But this time we wont take the back roads semi-home.

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