The End of 2003

Whaaa! It’s the last one of the year!, Boohoohoo!

Ok, anyway, yeah, this is my last post for the year. Thursday will be 2004, and I don’t update till Thursday night, so…

I could do a “Year in Review” Special, but I think there are enough of those around.

I don’t know, it’s been a long year, I’ve made new friends, regained lost ones, and did some new things. I never did get a job though. I mean, I have a job, but it’s screwy, and I don’t consider it real, so. But thats my New Years Resolution, to get a real job, and get beefy. Yeah, beefy. The way I see it, if I at least ride my bike more, it will do something. I’m not going to go get a gym membership or anything, just take dog for a run more often, and ride bike more, yeah. Of course, not till its warmer out though. Ooh, and clean my room.

Christmas break isn’t even half over yet. I don’t have class until Wednesday the 14th. Hah, thats like 3 more weeks. I love college.

Ooh, ooh, Today is Molly’s Birthday, or so we decided. The vet figured around the end of ’02 she was born, and my aunt died on the 29th of cancer, so we decided molly was born same day (but a few years later). So my baby it 1 today, woohoo!

I was told that some of the ideas I put in blog wouldn’t work, like my child bearing license. Well no shit. I just write stuff that comes to mind, I don’t actually think about it or anything. I’m sure with some work they could be made to work, but I’m lazy, so screw that. Just wanted to point that out.

So that special thing I mentioned, it kinda sucked. It sounded really good in my head, but my mind is kinda warped, and the brain-to-hand travel seemed to have degraded it. Anyway, it’s on the stories page. I’m not even going to link to it, go find it yourself. Link to homepage is in top right of page, go from there. If you convince me it sounds interesting, I will work on more, otherwise, it might just go away.

Hmm, Uhh, well, yeah.

I just applied for home depot online. Including my Staples application, thats 2, plus IBEW, so 4 job apps this year. Wow.

Ok, my brain is going off, and I don’t feel like typing through a ramble, or do I?


spelling will probably be bad..

but could be funny…

ok, I’ll do it.

Ok, so this guy is running through the woods, and he hears this noise, and hes like “Whos there”, but nobody answers, so he ceeps running, and running, and theres more noises, and he runs faster, and there coming nearer, AHHHHHHHHHHH.

So he trips, right? And the thing comes up to him, and suddenly all the trees are gone, and theres this big clearing, and hes bleeding and shit, and all scraped up from the banches, and can barely make out his persuer, and then he realizes its a snake! Not just any snake, but a big cobra, then BOOM! Theres GI Joe, and they kill the evil cobra, and the guys all like “Yeah, woohoo!”, and then GI Joe’s like “no problem”, and the dudes like “I dodnt know you guys were even real, I must be dreaming, your really here?” and GI Joes are like, “Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle”, and so the guys like “Hah, you always say that, can’t you come up with something new?” and GI Joe is like, “Hey, we could just leave you here, to die or something”, and so the dude appologizes, and gets a ride home in this wicked helicopter

the end

Woo, that was fun. Ok. I am leaving it how I wrote it. Thats how I wrote the Sock, by the way. Except on paper, so was illegible, AND had poor spelling and grammar.

Ok, til next year,
don’t die,

“It’s ok, I’m cool.”
“No your not.”

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