Number 75

Well, this is my 75th post to the blog. Monday will be the 76th, and last of 2003, followed by Thursday with the 77th and first of 2004. 100th post should be on Thursday, March 9th, 2004, in case you wondered.

Christmas was nice. Christmas Eve I went to Grandparents and saw dad and Mr. “In the Army Now”, my cousin Matt. Christmas Day I stayed home, My Aunt and Uncle came by, and Suchyta did later in the night too. All together, $200 cash, $25 gift card to Meijer, and a pair of satin/silk like pants. Pretty good all-in-all, and there is some stuff in the mail still too.

I saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen last night, and it wasn’t real great. Brother was talking through 50% of it though because he’d already seen it, so I missed alot. Will likely watch again.

I am looking for a storage rack that will hold slim jewel cases and Zip disks. My problem is slim cases aren’t quite 1/2 the width of a regular case, so I can’t just slide two in every slot. If you know of one, let me know. Actually, I am looking for a desk too. I need more $$$.

I was searching for “Metric Shitload” online, wondering how many english shitloads were in the metric variety, and came across Urban Dictionary. It’s a site with definitions of slang terms, and you can even submit new words. So, of course, I submitted my word, hoojibob.

Ok, I am going to read my book. I will see you for number 76 on Monday.


You only need 2 tools, Duck Tape and WD40.
If it doesn’t stick and should, Duck Tape,
If it sticks and shouldn’t, WD40.

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