I'm Free!

Exams are now completely behind me. Though this was the longest week I can remember. Oh well, I have a full month to sit on my ass now, so thats nice.

Apple has disgraced itself. It released like 8 different updates to the OS, Pro apps, itunes, and XCode in just 2 days, but then came “Security Update 2003-12-19”. Why would there be a security update just 2 days after an OS update, which always incorporates previous security updates? Well, turns out, this was really “OS update or as I am calling it “Oops we gave you a crappy update Update”. At least they gave it to us, rather than waiting till 10.3.3 like some OS manufacturers would.

I was watching TV last night, and saw a commercial for the Christian Children’s Fund, and came to a sort of epiphany. They want us to send thousands of dollars to save the little children, but I say, why are the children there? Why don’t we send thousands of condoms, so the people in Ethiopia who can’t even support themselves stop having children? Think about it: You live in a third world country, you rent a hut made from pallets, there is no clean water, and you work sun up to sun down just to go deeper in debt, so you have a kid? The parents should be shot for there stupidity. Seriously, headlines like “Man kills self to collect own life insurance” come to mind. Let alone, that now we are expected to bail them out. The fact that we are one of the most wealthy nations on earth doesn’t mean we can pay for everyone else. We were poor farmers, and did we get help? Yes. But then we had a war, got independence, and brought ourselves to where we are. Were not rich so we can help others, we are rich to set an example for others to follow.

Furthermore, we have a similar problem here. People right here have children, and then suck our tax dollars to pay for them. What we need is a child bearing license. You must prove mental, psychological, physical, and financial ability to raise a child, otherwise we just wont let you. A single $.50 condom can save $50,000 is WIC, food-stamps, etc… If you can’t support your baby, you shouldn’t have had one. And as for these brilliant people that can’t support their kid, but then have another, well, I wont go there.

Now don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for the skinny little Ethiopian, but I ain’t giving him any of my money.

Anyway, I finally counted, and I have an update the day after Christmas, so I get Christmas Eve and Day off, then one the night of New Years Day, so get the Eve off there too. I am glad, I would have skipped if I had to update on those days anyway.

Ok, I think my rambling is becoming a bit too disorganized and random, so I am going away, and you should too.

bye bye pretty lady,

No matter how tough work gets, remember that one day some junior executive will take the credit and be promoted to a 6 figure salary, all thanks to you.
Keep up the good work.

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