Well, I only have one exam left now. Took Unix Monday, C++ Tuesday, Java today, and have HTML to e-mail in by 4:00 tomorrow. I had to do alot of Java make-up programs too, but I am finally done.

I took my C++ books back for buyback. One was old edition, so they wouldn’t take, other I got $2. What a rip. I will have to try this one on ebay, I paid $65 freaking dollars for it, and will never use it again, I need to get SOMETHING for it.

Scott says I can take a break from blog, but I don’t think so. Just because nobody reads it, doesn’t mean I don’t have to write it, right? Wait, why am I asking you? Like I said, nobody reads it.

My car is still being an ass. I don’t know why, it just pisses me off.

So we got Saddam. I can hear the conspiracy theorists now. “That’s not him, its a phony, the US couldn’t find him and they’re paying off the media to disguise that he’s still out there, wreaking havoc!” My ass. If they can believe Elvis and JFK are still alive, and that we were never on the moon, I’m sure they can come up with claims like “But we never saw the DNA test proving that it is him, they just said it was him.” Yeah, well, I never saw the test proving your a complete imbecile either, but I still know it’s true.

Anyway, Christmas is fast approaching, only about a week left. I just counted, and I lucked out. No blog on Christmas, or the eve. I don’t want to count all the way to New Years, so I will wait and see on

GM is not having an open house this year. It should be this friday from 1 to 4, but they decided not to do it apparently. Disappointing.

Is it too early to talk New Year? I decide – no. It has become a tradition amongst (holy crap, thats a real word?) us to go get a bunch of wings from Hooters on New Years Eve. If any of you would like to join, your all welcome. We will probably just go get 50 or so, depending how many people show up, and bring them all back here. (Mmm, Hooters, reminds me of Larry, where’d he go?)

Ok, that’s good for now.


rm -R *

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