Number 70

Well, I got score for that C++ test, managed a 40/50 so pretty good, all things considered. I also bought my books today, a mere $107.50 for 2 books, and one was even used. Luckily, third class uses a book I already have. Next Tuesday I will sell back some of this semesters books, and hopefully make some cash.

My daily visits seems to have slightly decreased thanks to my switch of “i” with “*”. I am still averaging 200 visitors a month though. If I wasn’t on the .mac server, I would put an ad bar on the top of the pages to get some cash flow. $.01 a visit, 200 visits a month, $26 a year. Not bad at all.

So Christmas is just 2 weeks away, and I think you will all be looking for gifts, so I have a word for you: Cash. I know, but that’s what I need. Unless you want to go to AutoZone on center and just ask Jason what I need. That would work too. Gas cards work too. As does pretty much anything on Also, you could get me a decent job, or buy some of my stuff for someone else on your list, thats a 2 for 1!

Uhm, well, I think thats it. I wasn’t prepared for a blog tonight, snuck up on me. Sunday I will try for more, unless I am really busy with finishing Java and Unix, which may happen.

Ok, go away.


General congratulatory remarks toward your non-denominational winter holiday.

One thought on “Number 70

  1. Scott says:

    I set my computer up… for you… not for blog, but about GM.
    But my point with this is that I will now be able to sometimes take a look at your blog.
    I am tired, I should stop talking before I say (type) something stopid. (I did that on purpose; so now i know I did something stupid) I could erase that, but I wont, cause I am lazy.
    Damn, I did it again. Night.

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