Your Questions, Answered

I was reading through the comments that people have made, and noticed that many are questions. So, I decided I will answer them. What does that mean for you? Well, unless you’re Scott (or “not scott”) nothing. If you are Scott, then it means your questions will be answered.

Mind posting the SC4 ser*al you found?
Anonymous | 11.25.03 – 9:55 am

No, I will not post the SC4 ser*al I had. I got the ser*al to try SC4 to make sure it would run acceptably on my ibook. It doesn’t, so I will not be buying the game, and I have destroyed the ser*al number and cds that I had. However, I will commend your bravery, as you are the first person to ask me for it, out of literally hundreds that have come looking.

also, you should add a few of blog links to your link page. Like ones you read usually. This would involve your friends, or other good ones.
Scott | 11.24.03 – 7:36 pm

Ok, after asking him for more detail, Scott just wants more links on my websites links page. I can do that, expect them by Saturday.

You know, it ratings month Can we expect something special by yours truly?
Incognito | 11.15.03 – 1:05 am

No, you can not MOM!

rest holes? dont you mean rust?
Scott | 11.11.03 – 8:48 pm

Yes, yes I did. But, you got the point right? So is doesn’t really matter.

back, yes. But better than ever?
Scott | 10.31.03 – 6:38 pm

How else would I be? (That was a rhetorical question, don’t answer. Yes, better than ever, and better than I will ever be in the future, except that one time with the thing in the thing with the thing, you know.)

I believe those bugs are refered to as “stink bugs.” Do they give off a bad smell?
Scott | 10.10.03 – 12:17 am

No, they are Japanese Lady Beetles.

Wow, that Scott is pretty awesome. And since I am not Scott, it shows alot that I mention it. That is my comment.
not Scott | 09.30.03 – 2:29 am

Yes, it does show a lot to mention his awesomness. And yes, Scott is the opitimy of awesomitude!

So there, your questions answered. Ask me more, and I will answer more.

I reached my 500th visitor. Scott tried for it, but didn’t quite make it. He got 498. 500 goes to John Pauwel, owner of that sad Christmas Tree. Congratulations John.

Some more Stats on you visitor people:

Internet Explorer 6.x (PC) 66%
Internet Explorer 5.x (Mac and PC) 15%
Netscape 5.x (including Safari) 19%

Operating System
Win XP 55%
Mac 23%
Win 2k 10%
Win ME 6%
Win 98 3%
Win NT 1%
Win 95 1%
Linux/UNIX 1%

Time Zone
(UTC -8) Pacific 9%
(UTC -7) Mountain 5%
(UTC -6) Central 11%
(UTC -5) Eastern 35%
UTC -3 2%
UTC -2 2%
UTC 7%
UTC +1 16%
UTC +2 3%
UTC +8 4%
UTC +9 4%
UTC +11 3%

Wow, all over the world, huh? So I am up to UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Japan, Russia, Norway, Chile, Spain, France, Brazil, Belgium, and Denmark, that I know of.

What else…

I am editing my old posts, so they don’t contain a certain searched for word. I changed the words to s*m c*ty ser*ial. Only that third word was left, and only in certain circumstances. Will see how well it deters the poopoo heads.

BTW, is available. Hmmm… No.

After this post, only 5 more till I have as many iblog posts as Blogger posts. Actually, just three if you count the 2 tests. Yeah, i think I will. So three more posts will put us at next Friday? I think so. I hould play with the categories… Weird to have 3 categories with one only having 2 posts, kind of a waste.

I will try and get those links up over the weekend, between cleaning up my room and doing homework.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enter any 11 digit prime number to continue…

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