Close, Too Close

Well, it’s 11:14 at night, and I looked over at buddy list, saw scott, and somehow that reminded me it’s blog night. So, here I am.

After looking at old invoices and boxes, and from what I can remember, between November 3rd and 5th was 1 year since my 7600 died, and December 5th will be 1 year since I bought the iBook. Things have changed in the last year, beyond the computer even. With the moving, and the parents and all that, It’s been a long year.

I did some more updating to the website on the pics page. John’s tree is funny.

School is sucking more than ever. C++ and Java just get harder and more frustrating. Glad I only have 6 credits for next semester, I royally need a break. At least the end of the year is just a few weeks away.

Ok, I need sleep, been worn out for like 2 weeks now, need to try to fix it somehow. Maybe Thanksgiving break will help.

Til Wednesday,

“Alcohol and Calculus don’t mix,
Don’t drink and derive”

2 thoughts on “Close, Too Close

  1. Scott says:

    also, you should add a few of blog links to your link page. Like ones you read usually. This would involve your friends, or other good ones.

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