Fun, Fun, Fun

Well, I was playing on ibook and, long story short, I screwed up. Just got done with re-installing the OS. Wont do that again.

I also learned that its just not possible to install linux on a Powerbook 5300. Not easily anyway. I tried several different methods, but it just didn’t want to work.

After the 400th visitor fiasco, I am glad to say that the 1000th page view went much better. Yes, Nicholas Suchyta was the 1000th page view.

No more movies recently. Still going for T3, and Bruce almighty comes out next week.

School is going ok. I told my Java teacher why I am falling behind, and he completely understood. Java and Obj. Oriented C++ is alot. Next semester will be lighter.

And uhm, thats it.

Til Sunday,

If your computer comes from company with a virus, then was it born with it?
Would it then be a computer disease?

One thought on “Fun, Fun, Fun

  1. Mark says:

    Finaly stumbled on to your site. Intersiting… read thru hole thing. Takes me back for a few laughs, I needed that, thank you. oh yeah, rust: Reality Utilizes Simple Time or Real US Trash. See ya latter, luv ya buddy DAD

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