Ok, so it wasn’t a bad week or anything, but still, maybe is more of a TGIF for you?

Anyway, went to casino last night with mom and Suchyta. Suchyta puts a quarter in a machine, gets 3 7s, wins $0 because was only 1 coin. Puts in 3 coins a few times, and it came back! 300 coins, so $75. My mom gave him some, as it was her coins. Fifteen minutes later I put a $.50 coin in machine, same thing, triple 7s and got nothing because 1 coin. Put some more coins in and it came back, $75, mom gave me like $30 of it.

Wednesday night I got a Zip 250 drive. I hooked it up to computer with my Zip100, and made a dual zip raid array. God I need a life. Better than dude who used 5 floppies though, right? Good news is I was going through Zip disks and found one of them had some stuff saved from 7600, so I got some old docs from school and stuff that I thought was lost.

I worked today, possibly last day of season. Possibly last day ever, if I get a better job over winter (HINT HINT GM, IBEW!).

I just noticed I hit 400 visitors. Sadly it was some dumb shit searching on google, probably for ser*al numbers. Bastards, LOOK ON LIMEWIRE, THEY’RE ALL THERE! Idiots.

Ok, I think thats good for now.


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