Hi. How are you? Yeah, same here.

Had second IBEW interview today, went. Thats about it, wasn’t good or bad or anything, it just went.

Movie week is over. I am back to realizing how much TV sucks. T3 came out today, so I will need to go and try getting that.

I finally figured out the end of matrix revolutions. At least I think I did. Is one of those movies that is very open to interpretation.

Andy Griffith marathon is on. God TV sucks. Would rather watch the State of the Union address. I need the NASA channel, so I can watch Cinemax (don’t ask, long story).

I finally have Toast working, so I can copy CDs. Toast 6 has a lot of extra goodies in it too. VCD burning and some other stuff, haven’t looked through a whole lot yet. Has some stuff it builds into finder too, to make life easier. Will see if it really does.

I registered for winter semester at Delta yesterday, and paid today. $450, ouch. And still need to buy books sometime in December. Good thing I’m only taking 3 classes/6 credits.

Ok, I am REALLY tired, so going to wrap this up and head to bed.

See you all Friday…


Those aren’t rust holes,
their Aerodynamic Enhancement Modules
a.k.a. Air Resistance Decrementation Units.

(I want to figure one out thats comes out as R.U.S.T., but cant figure it out
Resistance Underminers for Smoother Transit?)

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