Boredom Happens

I was a bit too bored last night. I spent well over an hour looking for “the Last Zip Code”. It is: 99929 – Wrangell, Alaska (AK). I also found that Barrow, AK is the northernmost settlement in North America, and it is currently a whopping 8 degrees there, with a wind chill of 11 below.

I think I need a video camera. I could make some cool movies. I found a few on ebay for like $35 – $50 but they are analog, so I would need to shell out more for a video importer for my
ibook. Maybe I should just wait til I can afford a digital.

I am sticking with 6 credits for Winter semester. Why? 1: I can’t find any classes I want that fit my schedule. 2: I need to pay $70ish for each credit.

I am re-importing my cds onto computer. Using AAC instead of MP3s. The 128 kbit AAC I am making definitely sounds at least as good as the 160 Kbit MP3s I had, but the higher frequencies are a bit stronger, will need to adjust the equalizer.

Have watched Monsters Inc., and Head of State over last 2 nights. Tonight is Shanghai Knights. I just finally saw Shanghai Noon a few weeks ago. Thats 7 nights in a row, it really is movie week.

Ok, worked today so not up for a big blog. Thats whats happening in my life, enjoy it.

And now for your local (or not) weather:

Allentown, PA:
Wind Chill 24˚F
Wind North Northwest at 7

Barrow, AK:
Wind Chill -11˚F
Wind east at 22

Bay City, MI:
Wind Chill 17˚F
Wind South Southwest at 5

Marquette, MI:
Wind Chill 16˚F
Wind South Southwest at 3

now go away!

If it ain’t broke, your not trying hard enough.

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