Must be Movie Week

Sunday night, I watched Holy Grail, Monday night was Mall Rats, Last Night was the Hulk and Finding Nemo, this afternoon I saw the Matrix Revolutions, and after the blog I will be watching the Italian Job.

Matrix was awesome. I would call it the lesser of the three, but still better than most other movies that come out. Best fight seen of the trilogy though.

I have HTML tomorrow. That’s good, because I couldn’t handle a real class. I arrived in C++ yesterday to find out there was a test. She didn’t feel she needed to tell us because it was on the syllabus. I think a reminder would have been nice, and I’m sure my grade will back me up.

Suchyta has a blog now. It’s so small and cute. There’s only one post, so looks funny. Will grow with time.

My visitors are now by a good majority people who are looking for ser*al numbers and found one of the blog pages by google. It’s sad, I have like 5 hits a day now and I don’t really want them, because their all morons looking on websites for ser*als. LOOK ON LIMEWIRE DUMB SHITS!

Ever see the commercial for SC Johnson talking about family tradition and such? You realize ALL of SC Johnson’s major consumer products (Ziploc, Glade, and Pledge) are products that they BOUGHT from DOW? Family tradition my ass, acquiring good products and calling them your own. Try inventing something of your own schmucks.

Ok, I got nothing else. Time for Italian Job. Go away now.


Don’t mind me, just passing through, going about my business.
What is my business?

One thought on “Must be Movie Week

  1. Robin says:

    SC Johnson more than sucks
    What family company would make the employees work 12 hour shifts 7 am – 7 pm then they get 3 days off & have to work 7pm – 7 am
    swing shifts
    Yeah family company
    Many of their employees (1/3?) are temp labor so they don’t have to pay benefits
    Yep Family company

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