Close One

Wow, I finally get blog back up, and almost forgot to post already. Must be that not posting for a week thing having it’s effect.

Lets start with saying my HTML teacher is kinda hot. Well, for an almost-40-Delta-professor, she is hot. Hell, most students at Delta aren’t all that.

I bought “The Art of Deception” by Kevin Mitnick today. Hope to start at least browsing through it soon. For any of you who don’t know who he is, just google him.

It’s raining, and I am bored. I cant think of anything to write, so I am babbling.

Ever notice that birds are always coupled? PAIRakeets, cockaTWO… weird.

I wonder how long this blog will go on. How do you stop a blog anyway? Do you just, stop? Or do you increase the time between updates exponentially, til there just aren’t any more?


I am sure I will get tired of blogging at some point, just not sure when. Oh well, it’s not today.

I decided it is the Mexican’s fault that instructions are so bad. Don’t get me wrong, I have many friends that are Mexican (well, 1, but you need to understand I don’t have many friends anyway). Anyway, if not for the Mexican’s needing bilingual instructions, there would be only english in the book, and thus they could give twice the explanation they do now. I guess, its the damn Canadians fault too, for needing French. I do hate the French. Bastards.

So another thing I was thinking, is that I must not have a life, that I sit here and write this blog. But then, I realized that you all sit and read this blog. I feel better now.

Ok, thats all til Wednesday. Matrix Revolutions comes out Wednesday. Cool.


In life, the winner is the guy who is frugal for 80 years, and saves all his money, even if it means being teased by friends. Then, when the friends die, he buys all their cool stuff for cheap at the estate sale. That’s who the winner is… Yeah…

One thought on “Close One

  1. Scott says:

    yeah… I am one of the losers who reads this. I hope you never stop posting, cause I have such a null life that I actually look forward to reading these everyday.
    Yes, I know you dont post everyday, but if you look up your visitors, I am the visitor that comes on almost everyday (if not more than once) looking to see if there is anything new. If you updated really or what not.
    So, GM call yet? they better call soon. I want to start in January, and I want to be able to relax this christmas, knowing I wont have to go to school full time ever again.

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