I'm Back!

I fixed it!

When I wiped HD to install Panther, I wasn’t aware that iblog store original text in a system file that I was supposed to back up. Luckily I had backed up whole HD to cds about a month ago. So I have spent last week learning Panther, fixing blog, etc…

Panther is soooo cool. Jason, Nick: I installed Toast today, so can duplicate disks over weekend. Panther is the reason Windows users switch over. Wow, just wow.

Having not had a posted blog for a week I forgot to mention the car was fixed. Well, the brakes were fixed. Still plenty wrong with it.

Ok, the way I see it merely POSTING a blog is quite a bit, so thats all for now.

No quote, but ALL quotes will be put on a page, for reference.

And comments may be erased, as I needed to repost last 30 days of posts, which were the ones commented. Sorry…

Til Sunday,

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