Panther is Cool

Well, the blog is still broke, so you can’t read this, but I am still here.

I know the problem, and if you can see this, then I have fixed it.

Panther is awesome, just find more and more cool features. Apple’s statement of 150 new features is certainly an understatement. Expose, desktop printing, easier app switching, fast user switching, classic menu item, and so much more.

I am getting re-settled in. Most of my apps and docs are re-installed, only a few less used items remain.

I want to go back to Somerset by end of year. Walk around and see whole mall. Is three stories, 2 buildings. I have only been in 1 building, maybe 7 stores total. Another thing I want to do is a BIG road trip. Probably next summer. Would be cool to buy a $500 beater and just drive till it dies. I don’t know, sounds cool to me.

OK, I can’t think of much else so I am going to work on fixing blog again.


If you can’t say something nice, make sure whatever you do say is muttered under your breath

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