I got my check. And guess what…

It was for full $2500!

Delta said it would be for $1250 because they split the MEAP award over two semesters, but I got it all! Problem is, I need to attempt to restrain paying too many bills, because I need to save some to pay for delta next semester.

One problem: I got check just before class, class was 4 – 6, and bank closed at 5. So I am sitting here with the check and never got it cashed. Tomorrow morning I guess.

Three days till Panther! Some people have reported it having been shipped, but few are saying this, and we will see when they arrive. Mine is listed as “open” with 2 day shipping, so should go out tomorrow. Hope it arrives before we leave Friday, would be cool to show up to Apple Store running Panther before the schmucks in line can even buy it.

Next Thursday (the 31st) I finally start my HTML class. Should be easy, I mean, it’s HTML. The other classes are going fine.

Ok, off to dream of what to do with my money. I am going to Apple Store this week, and G5 starts at a mere $1999…

And Friday update will be fairly early, will post before we go to Troy. May update the post when we get home.

Till friday,

HEY! I am running out of quotes, seriously!
And use the comments or lose them, having all those (0)s is a bit of a downer.

One thought on “Woohoo

  1. Scott says:

    sorry to make you add the counter… but I just like adding my own 2 cents once and a while. I dont want to everytime, so others should comment to. Plus, it doesnt cost you nothing to keep them, so keep them.

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