Well, I was sitting here watching Erin Brochovich and realized it’s that time again. So here I am.

I realized a few days ago how screwy the circuits in this house are. If I turn my fluorescent desk lamp on or off, it sends enough EM interference out to fuzz up my TV. Thing is they are in outlets on opposite sides of the room and are both in surge suppressors, that should be filtering the interference. Maybe I just need better strips?

I am pissed at both Apple and Belkin. First the good stuff though. Apple had a big announcement earlier this week. They released the second version of the iTunes music store, and iTunes 4.1 to take advantage of it. They also released iTunes for windows, including access to the music store. I encourage all you who use windows to at least try iTunes. They also announced two big deals. The first is a with AOL to send users to the iTunes music store when looking at music in AOL’s music section. The second is with Pepsi, to give away ONE HUNDRED MILLION free songs from February 1st to March 31st. At $.99 a song, thats $99,000,000 in music, with one in 3 being winners.

But the bad news. Belkin announced a new voice recorder and media card reader that connect to gen3 iPods. I own a gen2 iPod, so I can’t use these. Now yes, I bought it refurbished well after it was discontinued, so I knew something like this would happen. But there is no reason the voice recorder can’t be used on gen2 iPods. The media card reader does require the new dock connector as a means to pass data to the ipods HD, but the voice recorder uses the headphone port and a software update, meaning it could easily work on the older iPods. I blame both Apple and Belkin for this. Which brings me to my second problem, why no more software updates for gen2s? They haven’t been updated since iPod software 1.3, while gen3s are up to 2.1. There is no reason Apple can’t put the extra games and faster functionality on the older iPods.

Anyway, there’s my ranting. Been a long time since I did a good ranting, and it felt good. I will need to get pissed off more often.

Next week I get rebate check, and Panther, WOOHOO!

I did some website updating last night. A page on my computer and entertainment system, and added link to my mostly blank library page(yes Scott, just for you) Both are on the “Everything Else” page.

I went to the casino Thursday night. Ended up about even, slightly ahead. If I had left after 15 minutes though, would have been much more ahead. Got triple 7s twice in a row, then again 5 pulls later. Had single coin first time, 2 second, and 1 third. That’s 50, 100, and 50 coins, 200 x $.50 = $100 Oh well.

See you all Tuesday, when I’m $1250 richer.


“Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, but Laziness Always Pays Off Now”

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