Money in, Money out

Hello world, and how are you?

I just got back from IBEW interview. Turns out this was just the residential interview, so I should be receiving another letter in the mail for the lineman interview. Went well though. They started 20 minutes late, which didn’t help nervousness, but was fine.

Only about a week till Panther. Can’t wait. My iBook is becoming rather bit-rotted after almost a year, and I need to re-install anyway. All those programs I tried and then deleted have little fragments laying around that need to be removed. That alone should bring a fairly nice speed boost.

I also have learned that financial aid rebates come out next week. I think Jason said Monday the 21st though, which confuses me, being Monday is the 20th. I think will be 21st though, as I remember last year it was a Tuesday because I picked it up during break in Environmental Biology. Problem is, I owe most of it to my mom, plus I just found out I need new breaks. Life is so nice.

I did some work on website. Added a Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide page. Is on the “Everything Else” page in side bar of website. Scott sent me a link to another DHMO danger site, which I have a link to on the bottom of the page. I have given up on CSS and #include, as they don’t want to work like I want. That and Apple’s server doesn’t fully support some of what I want them to do. So I guess I will just need to do copy – paste for the repetitive stuff. No biggie.

Ok, thats all for now. Close the door on your way out.


Bow before me, for I am root!

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