Hey! I’m glad to see some of you are taking advantage of the comment system. Only 3 of you (well technically 2) but there are only 3 or maybe 4 that regularly read, so thats pretty good I guess. I have removed access to the counter details, for a couple reasons. I doubt many of you ever really used it anyway.

I am enjoying ipod more each day. I want to get some new headphones though, Looking at Sennheiser’s PX200s. Sennheiser is the same company that makes most Aircraft radio headsets and studio mics, so they already seem like a good choice. This model also has great reviews, as does the very similar 100 model. Plus, unlike the other higher end models I had looked at, they fold up nice and tiny, and are only like $40 -$50!

Also enjoying Airport card, using it right now! And now that 10.2.8 v.2 is out, my battery life is back to normal. My 6 hr battery that will generally give me about 4 hours in OS9 and 5 in X, was down to about 2 hours in X with the first 10.2.8 update. Maybe when Panther arrives (Oct 24th?) I will see even better time.

I am cleaning my room, very slowly. Moved bed, cleaned up computer table, filed some papers. Problem is brother’s stuff is skattered about too. Doubt will get much further tonight, and work tomorrow. Maybe finish Sunday?

Want to redo website again. According to counter, nobody goes there really, but what the hey, its something to do. Granted, that will mean beginning v.3 when v.2 isn’t even finished (or v.1 for that matter) but I always knew it was going to be a work under constant progress (hoped there would be progress anyway). Will decide before next update weather I will attempt it or not.

Received letter from IBEW, I am accepted for interview, what did I tell you. Interview will be next Wednesday (the 15th).

Ok, thats all for now. Want to try and get back to old blog, where I would just complain and you would read it and laugh. I guess thats a complaint, so I am doing well toward goal.


There are 10 types of people in the world.
Those who know binary, and those who don’t.

2 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Scott says:

    hey, I used the counter details thing!! and I noticed you removed it, it angered me. But, what are the reasons you removed it? too much of a B!tch?
    And AWESOME quote at end, binary, hahahahaha.

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