The 46th Post

Lets see. I just upgraded from iblog 1.2.6 to 1.3.1. Apparently it has been available for a while, I just wasn’t aware of it. Has these rulers and stuff, is weird. Allows text alignment though, which is nice.

Last night I added comments to the blog, by request. Leave a comment if you want something else, I will try to accommodate.

Hmm. River of Time was ok. If your not going for the root beer and kettle corn though, you minds as well not go. Oh well.

Apple refurb. list is still rather bare, not that I care, I have what I want.

I got ipod working in car. Have it connected to the FM modulator for the CD changer in trunk. Works well, though I need to have volume on both ipod and stereo maxed for it to work. Modulator expects a line-level input but ipod just can’t do it. I get my debts payed off maybe I will buy an itrip…

Went wandering with ibook. No wifi at Delta that I can find. My Linksys works to almost the end of the block, about 60ft short. Thats approximately 210ft radius!

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King trailer came out today. Is on QuickTime website here. has some interesting photoshops here.

Unix class is still boring. Unix is cool and all, but the teacher just cant make it. I am starting to get back into C++. Java is easy, I am preferring it over C++. Granted, Java sucks to run; its slow, can be quite buggy, and ssslllooowww. But, it will run on almost anything without re-write, and is easier to program in the beginning.

January 24th will be 20 years since the Macintosh was released. Perhaps we should expect something from Apple? When the 20th anniversary mac was released to celebrate 20 years since Apple’s founding, it was near cutting edge with leather palm rest, Bose designed audio, and an LCD display. Today though, LCDs are commonplace and G5s come standard with 5.1 optical out. What will Apple come out with next?

Ok, thats enough for now. More friday. Go away now.


Geek: the guy who buys a new G5 so his atari emulator will run faster.

4 thoughts on “The 46th Post

  1. Scott says:

    HAHAHAHA, I am first comment. And the first comment is, I would add a space between “Email Comments” and “Comments (#)” because it would look better.

    Many more to come!!!

  2. Scott says:

    so, River of Time has good kettle corn and Rootbeer? That is odd since they didnt have kettle corn back then (according to FoodTV). Although you did ask if anyone could go with you and I didnt respond, I should maybe go some other year, and try those yummy foods.
    Not much to comment on this time, but i tried.

  3. Jason says:

    UNIX is boring yes, i think next class i may just see if i can sleep with my eyes open. Im thinking as an Apple 20th anniversary debut, they should give a free ipod to every college student in the US who doesnt already have one..especially me. ok, enough now.

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