I got prizes!

Friday morning, I received a brand new airport card, so I can go online wirelessly. It’s very cool. And, I got a refurbished 10GB ipod, also very cool. Next, I need headphones. The earbuds bug me.

Just yesterday I received more hits than normally in 2 weeks. MacRumors had a poll as to whether or not visitors have a blog, I responded yes and posted address. The result was 17 new visitors from 3 countries.

Haven’t made it to River of Time yet. Busy with new stuff. Definitely going tomorrow though. Havent missed one yet.

Ok, I guess thats all. See you on Tuesday, will try for a post bigger than this and previous.

See ya,

Johnny 5: “KO Derf.”
Fred: “That’s Fred.”
Johnny 5: “That’s what I said, Derf.

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