Uhm, uhh. No, I got nothing.

Hello all, happy hump day!

I cleaned up my HD last night. 700MB cleared away. I also organized a lot of stuff that was just laying around, and backed everything up to CD. Its weird, there is NOTHING on my desktop. Looks freaky. Might need to create some empty folders just to look right again, or put HD icon back on desktop. Then again, I’m sure I will mess everything within a few days.

Apple sold that 20GB ipod about 20 hours after I posted that I would buy it. They did get some 10 gigs back in, but they’re the windows version. If you have windows, and are looking into an MP3 player, this could be good news for you.

Nintendo GameCube is down to $99.99. Wow, I paid $299 for my PS2, can’t believe systems are going so low. Next generation PS should be coming in about a year or maybe 2, others follow another year later. Also, there should be a portable PS coming!

I really don’t have much more. Haven’t been doing much lately. Stayed up till 10:30 this morning doing backup, then slept till 5. I’m so sad.

River of Time is this weekend, and A&W closes this weekend. I am going to River of Time, if you want to make plans, I would be happy to go with whoever, or I will just see you there.

Ok, see you Saturday, issue #44. 50 is approaching, thats about 6 months! Actually, 6 months will be November 27th. Hey, next post will be the 4 month anniversary, cool!

See you later,

There are no stupid questions,
Just inquisitive idiots.

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